Crazy Dragon

Chicken Dumplings

Which came first — the chicken or the dumpling? Ponder this when you bite into the first of these plump Crazy Dragon Chicken Dumplings. As you reach the end of your plate, you realise the more important thought is “What comes next?!” If you’re still crazy for more, maybe we shouldn’t tell you that we have several other types of dumplings. Whoops. Did we say that out loud?

Pork Dumplings

Beginnings come with an end. Bear that in mind when you open a pack of Crazy Dragon Pork Dumplings. Inside the pack are a finite number of dumplings, waiting to be deliciously, mouthwateringly moreishly, unstoppably devoured leaving you with an empty bag and a crazy hunger for more! Best you stock up on the rest of our Crazy Dragon range.

Prawn Gyoza

Australians love prawns so much that we’ve even made a giant one in Ballina that’s 30,000 times the size of a real prawn. Imagine if this Big Prawn tourist attraction was a real prawn? Think of how many delectably delicate Crazy Dragon Prawn Gyoza we could make from it! A crazy thought for when you’re crazy hungry for just one plate more.

Prawn Hargow

Consider the thin wrapper on your Crazy Dragon Prawn Hargow. It’s translucent yet holds its plump prawn filling well. Count its pleats. There should be at least seven, and preferably 10. The hargow is the dumpling that skilled dim sum chefs are judged on. But who’d be crazy enough to be a chef when the dumpling taster job sounds so much more enjoyable?

Pork Soup Dumplings

Soup? With Dumplings? Who was the first to dream up such a crazy pairing? We will forever bow to that genius because this marriage of food and liquid is brilliant. Delicious pork dumplings washed down with savoury broth… with Crazy Dragon Soup Dumplings you have everything you need in the one bowl. Or go beyond soup and try all of our crazy good dumplings.

Vegetable Gyoza

Born in China, moved to Japan for college. That’s the story of gyoza. This pan-Asian dumpling with its finely textured vegetable filling comes folded in a thin pastry. Our Crazy Dragon Vegetable Gyoza are so tempting, they’ll even turn the heads of your-biggest-meat-loving friends. Just place them in a plate of our other dumplings and they’ll be crazy for more.

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