Heavenly Banquet

Pork Soup Filled Dumplings

Heavenly Banquet Soup Filled Dumplings are a godsend taking only mere minutes to transform from frozen into succulent, mouthwatering morsels. Also known as Xia Long Bao they have featured on Chinese menus for centuries but now you can enjoy them at home. Made in Australia with Australian pork and a rich, soupy broth they will lift your tastebuds to a more celestial plane.

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Spicy Lamb Soup Dumplings

A twist on a traditional favourite are our Spicy Lamb Soup Filled Dumplings. If you like a bit of spice in your life, you’ll love these soup dumplings. Quick and easy to cook at home, we’re sure they will be a hit with everyone. Made in Australia with Australian lamb and a rich, soupy broth you won’t be able to stop at just one!

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