Heavenly Banquet

Pork & Spring Onion

Our Pork & Spring Onion Dumplings are made in Australia from locally sourced pork to create divine dumplings that are scrumptious fried or steamed in less than 10 minutes. A blessing for those with impatient appetites. Heavenly Banquet Dumplings contain no artificial colours or flavours so you can be confident of a quality product.

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Chicken & Ginger

Delightfully delectable our Chicken & Ginger Dumplings are made in Australia using locally sourced chicken and snap frozen to seal in their delicious flavour. Ginger is a perfect combination with chicken in this lighter dumpling alternative. Pan fry, steam or boil, these delicious morsels are fit for an emperor but can be devoured by one and all.

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Soup Filled Dumplings

Heavenly Banquet Soup Filled Dumplings are a godsend taking only mere minutes to transform from frozen into succulent, mouthwatering morsels. Also known as Xia Long Bao they have featured on Chinese menus for centuries but now you can enjoy them at home. Made in Australia with Australian pork and a rich, soupy broth they will lift your tastebuds to a more celestial plane.

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Pork Buns

Pillowy soft and filled with a succulent and tasty BBQ pork filling, Heavenly Banquet Pork Buns are quick and easy to cook, perfect for a snack, lunch or your next banquet. Our Pork Buns are made in Australia so you can be confident of the highest quality. Steam or microwave from frozen, you’ll love our Pork Buns and be back for more.

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