New Product

Not your average dumpling!

New Heavenly Banquet Soup Filled Dumplings

Known in China as Xiao Long Bao (small basket bun), soup dumplings originated in Shanghai back in the 19th century, at a time when the steamed bun market was becoming increasingly competitive and restaurateurs were innovating to create product differentiation.

The secret to making a great soup dumpling is having a rich broth which dissolves from a frozen state when the dumplings are steamed, and our product innovation team has nailed it! The eating experience is amazing and truly unique with each mouthful containing warm soup and savoury pork filling.

The launch of Heavenly Banquet’s Soup Dumplings has been a superb team effort, from ideation to in-store within 8 weeks.

The product is made with Australian Pork plus other local ingredients and comes in a 500-gram, 20-piece pack.

They’re now available at Woolworths – If you love dumplings do yourself a favour!

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